Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lakers vs Magic...No Cavs:Kobe vs LeBron

How is everyone in the Bloggist-sphere??
Good? ....Good!......yea me too.....

Well, I am as shocked as you are by my title to this blog. Yes, it does indeed say Lakers vs. Magic and no it does not say vs Cavs. This year the Cleveland Cavaliers had the best record in the NBA, had the MVP (LeBron James ...duh), had the coach of the year (Mike Brown), best home record and swept right on through the first two rounds of the playoffs to only end up getting pretty much bullied by the sleeper team Orlando Magic.

First, I would like to start by saying I am from Cleveland (born and raised) so I am a rare NBA fan in these parts when I say the following sentence: I am a Kobe Bryant fan and a FIRM believer that on this date Kobe Bryant is (and has been for a few years now) the best player in the NBA and I am willing to argue this to any bias Cleveland fans who believe LeBron James is the best "today" as he sits at home watching the finals,but that is a different story for another day!

Before I get attacked let me say that my two favorite teams are the Lakers and the Cavs. I have been a Cavs fan since probably my first cavs game when I was just a toddler and then 8 yrs ago I learned more about basketball and discovered Kobe Bryant!

I am not a LeBron James hater, in fact he is my second favorite player. And he has ALL the potential in the world to become one of, if not the best player in the NBA, but today he is not where Kobe,Michael and Magic are. One reason being the fact that his fingers are bare.No rings. That is not the only reason! I know, because usually people who dont watch alot of basketball other than there favorite teams always follow that statement with this statement "Kobe cant/couldnt do it without Shaq" all I have to say is go rent the Lakers Dynasty DVD 2000-2002.

I am waiting for that killer instinct that Kobe and Michael (not comparing the two) posess to come out of LeBron for more than just four or five games out of his nearly six year career in the NBA. I hope I am not coming off harsh but I think that people are jumping the gun.So expectant of excellence from LeBron that they look past the same things they criticized Kobe about.

Some will say LeBron needed help,which is probably true.But when it was Kobe, people were saying HE couldnt do it. Ignoring the fact that Kobe had one of the youngest if not the youngest team in the league. So, there should not be a double standard when "comparing" the two,which i hate because they are two completely different types of player. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they are the two best things in the NBA,two of the hardest to guard in the NBA and they are the leaders of their teams.

My worse nightmare was having my two fave teams in the finals (I want Kobe to win his fourth ring but I want my Cavs to get their first ring!) but deep down i wanted to see it soooo bad. So now that it is not happening its kind of unbelievable! All the vitamin water commercials and nike puppets and everyone in the free world anticipating a Kobe vs LeBron final, now there is nothing:-(........

I am beginning to ramble, i usually do when i am sleepy!So to close, I love LeBron but I love Kobe waaaaaay more. I will not speak of the Magic because they scare me! And hopefully next season there will be a Kobe v LeBron final. but unil then GO LAKERS gm 1 thursday 8:30 eastern time! ttyl

The Twilight Saga Obsession+(letting off some fumes)

Hello everyone!
Well as you know, Twilight is pretty much a phenomenon across the world! and yes, I am one of the crazed fans.....a HUGE fan actually i cannot get enough of it. As I was "Twilight stalking" on the internet I realized that most of the things I found were tweens and teens screaming over Twilight and Rob Pattinson (*sighs*) oh sorry about that! But I am 20 yrs old and so are about three of my friends who are Robsessed as well.... oh sorry i did it again, i meant to say obsessed.

This makes me feel like a creeper! I say this because, I guess I should not have the same reaction as a thirteen year old when watching the first trailor of New Moon right? Well, I cannot help it! But, unlike some of these so called "Twilight mega fans" I have read all four books, so does that make it a little better? I sure hope so!

I decided to do a blog page because I got kind of annoyed by people who say they hate Twilight and everything Twilight (rob,kristen,taylor ect..) and Kobe Bryant/Lakers (My other Obsession for almost 8 years! oooh that sounds bad!) and on youtube or different websites they leave comments saying "its stupid" (and many other things i think are a little too inappropriate to write) but these same people continue to type in "Twilight", "Rob Pattinson" and "Kobe Bryant" to google and youtube!? If you hate them so much why must you continue to find information about these people and then put nasty comments? Don't you think thats a waste of time? I think it is.

Personally, if I hate something I dont want to be near it, see it or even say it! So typing it in on the web in search of it seems pretty stupid, dont you think?Well, anywho I am just saying us Twilighters and us Kobe Bryant fans have fun and enjoy watching these things. Why must negative people sink their teeth (no pun intended) in a positive thing and try to ruin it. I am basically saying if you hate Twilight congrats, stop youtubing and googling it! It doesnt sound that far fetched right??? Because these Twilight and/or Kobe haters need to realize that they can hate and ridicule as much as they want ( its a free country! and your intitled to our own opinion) but its not going to change anything, so why even bother!

Ok, thats it for my first blog, Its 6 am, so that means my mind is probably not functioning as it should be!ttyl